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Handpicked new tunes released today: God Knows, Berwyn, Nealo & Uly, Robyn, Bitch Falcon, Annie & more

Handpicked new tunes released today: God Knows, Berwyn, Nealo & Uly, Robyn, Bitch Falcon, Annie & more


Friday is release day and here’s the first things that caught my ear while listening to new singles today.

God Knows – ‘Move The Needle’ feat. BONY & MuRli

God Knows is going to followup his recent EP the with the Who’s Asking? EP Vol. II in August with another EP on Fly High Society, the follow-up to the South West All-Stars-featuring EP in February.

‘We Move The Needle’ is the first song from Volume 2 featuring turns from Rusangano’s MuRli and Cork MC Bony and is right up to date from the off with references to Black Lives Matter protests and lines like “the living embodiment of a Scary Eire” over a spaced-out bass-blown SertOne beat.

Get it from Bandcamp, the only place where you can see the track’s video by Steve Hall if you buy the download.

“We Move The Needle is a song I wrote in real time in response to everything that was going on in the world. I felt like I had to just step away and write some sick lyrics with some sick MCs – MuRli and Bony. What came to my heart was everything I was feeling in my spirit at the time and I let it go from there. The title for We Move The Needle came about because, for so long, we have let other people lead the conversation in terms of music when it’s us – the MC, the DJ – we’re the ones who are supposed to lead the way. When it’s out of our hands, we’re just doing what other people ask us to do. We move the needle; nobody else does. We don’t have to go by anyone’s rules; we make our own rules.

“I wanted to give the people who love and support my music a little bit more. “The essence of hip-hop was there with ‘We Move The Needle’ as a result of the art made by the lads in Cork as a response to what’s going on in the world. They made art and I happened to be in Cork that day with my people and we did the video – so everything with this record is in real-time. We don’t react. We move in real time.”

God Knows

Nealo & Uly – ‘You Can’t Go Home Again’

Nealo is to release his debut album in the autumn on Diffusion Lab and this new jazzy hip-hop soul track, a collaboration with his close cohorts Uly and Adam Garrett, hits the beats of close ties, home, being away from it, friendship, and recounting an emigrant experience.

“You Can’t Go Home Again is about leaving. It’s a song about missing both a person that you love, and a city that you love. No one stands untouched by emigration. We have all left cities and friends behind, or have had friends leave in search of a better life, an adventure, or a future for themselves. This one is an ode to the people and cities that I had to leave behind, and that each time I left, I never felt like I was the same person after. Everything changes with the miles and years.”


Bitch Falcon – ‘Gaslight’

The Bitches are back with their trademark cacophonous strident rock noise on Brighton label Small Pond Records.

Berwyn – ‘Trap Phone’

The second solo single from the East London artist who featured on the Everything Is Recorded album who impressed us with ‘Glory’ earlier this year, which he performed for Jools in June. That performance is pretty devastating.

Scuba – ‘Forgive Me’

A surprising turn from the HotFlush Recordings producer Paul Rose aka Scuba, ” influenced by electroclash, ’70s Genesis and a mid-90s popstar.” Bandcamp.

Jim-E-Stack – ‘Note To Self’ feat. Empress Of

Regular collaborators hook up for a note to self. Empress Of’s voice is one of my favourites in modern music.

Father John Misty – ‘Anthem’

A four-track covers EP from himself featuring covers of Leonard Cohen, Cat Stevens and Link Ray to benefit CARE Action and Ground Game LA through Bandcamp.

LA Priest – ‘What Moves’ (Soulwax remix)

Soulwax remix. Always welcome. The original LA Priest song is such a weird little earworm.

Annie – ‘The Bomb’

Former Anniemal is back releasing new music of a lesser-pop more-dance music persuasion of late. ‘The Bomb’ is her second single recently after ‘American Cara’.

Robyn – ‘Beach2K20’ (Louie Vega Remix)

The latest in a series of Robyn remixes from one half of Masters Of Work gives ‘Beach 2K20’ a more DJ-friendly mix.

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