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Having Stranger Things withdrawals? There’s an Upside Down party coming to Dublin

Having Stranger Things withdrawals? There’s an Upside Down party coming to Dublin

By now, like me, you’ve probably watched all 9 episodes of Stranger Things season 2 this week and are wondering what will keep you fixed until season 3 appears.

How about a Stranger Things party in December to give you a dose of the ’80s-indebted goolies?

On December 8th, The Building Society host a Stranger Things Upside Down party in Hangar which the organisers will be turned into “rural Indiana for one night only” featuring:

  • S U R V I V E’s musical score
  • Christmas lights that communicate with the Upside Down
  • sprawling maps of Hawkin’s drawn in Crayon
  • Eggo’s Cocktails (probably not because that sounds horrible)
  • arcade machines
  • lots of smoke
  • visuals from the show on a 20 foot screen.
  • Dressing up is encouraged.


Main Room: The Upside Down

The main room will become a haven for fans of Stranger Things signature synth soundtrack. Expect music from Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon of S U R V I V E as well as 80’s style electro from the likes of Gatekeeper and Mike Simonetti to name a few.

Bar: The Byers’ Residence

Think of this room as a perfect combination of Jonathan’s mix-tapes and Billy’s car stereo! 80’s alt rock, pop, power ballads and everything in between to help recreate that feeling of middle America in the 80’s. Expect Bowie, Foreigner, The Clash, Kenny Rogers, Duran Duran and much much more.

Admission: €7/€9 or Eleven Euro (clever).

Tickets are available from

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein were recently on the best podcast about music – Song Exploder to break down the theme song.

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