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Holy Ghost – ‘Okay’

Holy Ghost – ‘Okay’

Holy Ghost’s self-titled debut on DFA from 2011 is so chock full of dancing jams, it’s become an entrant in my favourite albums of all-time. There really isn’t a bad song on it – all solid gold.

Since then, they’ve given us a few single gems with ‘I Wanted To Tell Her’, ‘It Gets Dark’, ‘Dumb Disco Ideas’ and new album off-cut ‘Teenagers In Heat’.

Their new album Dynamics is out in the second week of September and ‘Okay’ is the opening track from it, a typically spacious electro synth-pop track from the pair.

There is no band I’m looking forward to playing Ireland again more. Now to find somewhere to buy the LP with the bonus 7″ without the ridiculous DFA shipping charges.

Dynamics Track list

1. Okay
2. Dumb Disco Ideas
3. Changing of the Guard
4. Dance A Little Closer
5. It Must Be The Weather
6. 1 For Edgar
7. I Wanna Be Your Hand
8. Bridge and Tunnel
9. Don’t Look Down
10. In The Red
11. Cheap Shots