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HWCH – So?

HWCH – So?

..How was it for you? My head hurts. I missed Saturday due to Kraftwerk. Doing visuals for the Boners meant I was in the Meeting House Square all night. The sound restrictions were a pain. While impressive as an idea, I’m not sure the square is totally suitable for showcasing new acts. The bands were complaining about it which is something you don’t want. The club in Andrew’s Lane was a great idea and was rammed on Friday. On Sunday, I saw impressive sets from One Day International, New Amusement, Robotnik, Heathers and Spook of the Thirteenth Lock. Best of all, I got to be The Edge to The Vinny Club’s Bono by working some power moves on Guitar Hero in Dorans at the afterparty. Sleep is a requirement…

The Vinny Club photo is by Damo.

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