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Kraftwerk, A Day in the Life

Kraftwerk, A Day in the Life


So the move from Lugalla, Wicklow to the more central location of Royal Hospital Grounds in Kilmainham mattered little on the day as the music was taking place in a large tent. It would have been nice to be surrounded by mountains but I’ll gladly trade the setting for the sunny weather we got yesterday. The actual site was a little small and like a cramped Electric Picnic which lasted for a long afternoon and evening complete with flags and a small massage area. One bar for 5000 people? Hmmmm.

The Jimmy Cake and Soulwax were both good but it was all about Kraftwerk who were fun, fun, fun but in a tightly controlled and very German way. 2 hours of music non-stop. The setup is impressive. Five projectors were utilised to show their unique visuals which is a huge selling point for me. Imagine the same show without them? Occasionally you still wonder what exactly the four of them are doing on that stage (their line-up was without Florian on this occasion, instead replaced by a Kling Klang studio technician) and I’d love to know exactly but they’re still totally iconic and relevant. Before their mechanical versions were brought out for ‘The Robots’ there was a humourous minute where the curtain wouldn’t close over. Epic curtain fail. Similiar setlist to Minimum Maximum with some other tunes thrown into a different order. I loved it. Oh yeh, where did DJ Mehdi play? I missed him somehow.

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The Robots

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