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HWCH this weekend

HWCH this weekend


So much to look forward to this weekend (besides Kraftwerk!) with Hard Working Class Heroes taking place once again. The festival is generally an accurate barometer of the Irish music scene for live bands and artists. Here is a list of things to check out before, after or during the festival.

A tip: Tickets are cheapest if you purchase them directly from the Box Office in the Temple Bar Information Centre near the entrance to the Meeting House Square.

State curates the photography exhibition.

Festival schedule – Friday | Saturday | Sunday

Previews: State | Asleep on a Compost Heap | | Unarocks has tonnes of MP3s from the bands. Though I wish they zipped them like SXSW do.

I’m doing visuals in the Meeting House Square tonight at 10.10pm.

Footmap in case you don’t know where the venues are, you silly sausage.

There’s an afterparty club thing happening in Andrew’s Lane tonight and Saturday from 11pm-2am.

MUZU have been doing some great studio sessions for the festival bands. Check out their channel. Highlights of what I’ve seen are Robotnik, Little Xs for Eyes, Heathers, Kill Krinkle Club and Le Galaxie.

Did I miss something? Holler in the comments.