, Intro: Lakerama – vocalist Senita & producer Graeme S team up

Lakerama is a new project from two musicians with form. On the production end, you have Limerick’s Graeme S, who has made some beats for the first EP for what has now become the best rap group in Ireland, Rusangano Family. In front of the mic, is Senita Appiakarong, South African-born singer based in Cork who has sung/sings with Shookrah, Daithí, Le Galaxie and with more collaborations to come.

The pair have concocted a three-track EP, titled ONE, of electronic music with vocals, takes in influence from the beats of Chicago footwork and juke (Graeme also owns Hsuan Records with a slew of releases in the genre) and matching it with Senita’s soulful tones.

Check out the EP’s most relaxed cut, ‘Take’:

An EP is released on Bandcamp this week.