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Irish week: Cian O Ciobhain’s top 5 Irish acts right now

Irish week: Cian O Ciobhain’s top 5 Irish acts right now

All this week, we’re having guest posts from various people involved in different strands of Irish music – record shop owners, writers, bloggers, promoters, radio presenters, bands and more, telling us what Irish bands or artists they are really into right now.

Cian Ó Cíobháin is the presenter of An Taobh Tuathail which broadcasts every Monday to Friday from 11pm to 1am on RnaG. He has also curated three compilations of the same name, the latest of which is available here.

1. B-Movie Lightning

This is the moniker of Mike Smalle, formerly of the criminally ignored Cane 141. His sensational ‘Triple Trouble’ tune was featured on An Taobh Tuathail Vol III. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing demos from his forthcoming LP and I believe he has the making of début LP of 2010 on his hard drive.

2. Deviant & Naïve Ted

Galway-based crate-diggers with an ear for the weird and wonderful – their psychedelia-tinged singles to date on Alphabet Set have hypnotised this listener.

3. Lost Chord

The best dressed band in the country have been creating a spectacular racket from their Galway base with echoes of Sonic Youth, Battles, Trans Am, Suicide and early Therapy? emerging from their maelstrom of noise. They released their debut EP recently. They deserve to be fussed over.

Lost Chord – ‘Cheats’

4. Heftord

This is the nom-de-plume of Cyril Briscoe, who DJs with me at 110th Street. One of his own original compositions as well as a re-edit have appeared on two of the ATT compilations. He recently compiled a mesmeric podcast for Galway’s Lower State emporium (complete with new tune) which hints at future beguiling delights.

5. Frenchie

One time overseer of Galway’s 091 collective. Now composing beautiful elegiac house music – his début release on Antiqua was one of my highlights of 2009. Love playing it out in Galway and informing curious punters who it’s by.
Fait Accompli EP by frenchie

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