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Irish week: Heathers’ top 5 Irish acts right now

Irish week: Heathers’ top 5 Irish acts right now


heathers All this week, there will be guest posts from various people involved in different strands of Irish music – record shop owners, writers, bloggers, promoters, radio presenters, bands and more, telling us what Irish bands or artists they are really into right now.

Ellie and Louise McNamara are Heathers . Recently, the placement of ‘Remember When?’ on a Bord Failte ad has seen them appear on the Late Late and secure a marketing and distribution deal with Warners Ireland. They have just re-released their brilliant debut album Here Not There which you can buy here.

1. Adebisi Shank

Words can’t describe these guys. Just pure brilliance! They never ever fail to amaze.

MP3: Adebisi Shank – ‘Oyasumi’

2. Enemies

Enemies have such a wonderful sound, you won’t stop smiling.

3. The Cast of Cheers

We saw these guys play their first gig and were blown away! They were incredible. So tight and so talented.

MP3: The Cast of Cheers – ‘Auricom’

4. We Cut Corners

Very catchy tunes with great harmonies. Lovely.

MP3: We Cut Corners – ‘Toll Free’

5. Little Green Cars

Very talented bunch. Interesting tunes with great harmonies and instrumentation.

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