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Jafaris impresses with new track ‘Love Dies’

Jafaris impresses with new track ‘Love Dies’


Percy Chamburuka aka Jafaris is a rapper and singer with ambition, and is part of the burgeoning new generation of hip-hop artists in Ireland. Formerly known as Profound, Jafaris is one of the most promising of the lot. He also played a bit part in the feel-good movie of 2016 – Sing Street.

He’s just dropped his new single ‘Love Dies’, vocal-lead cut of hazy R&B. It’s mightily impressive.

You can catch Jafaris on Wednesday at Diffusion Lab’s live cypher in The Sugar Club. Each artist will have 3 minutes to rap, sing, recite poetry or simply improvise accompanied by a house band. The topic of the night is Love.