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Jai Paul’s Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones) is being released on 3000 copies of vinyl today

Jai Paul’s Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones) is being released on 3000 copies of vinyl today

Earlier this week, the enigmatic and brilliant UK producer Jai Paul announced he was going to play his first ever live show at Coachella this weekend.

To coincide with this exciting news, XL Recordings are releasing the demos of the album that were allegedly leaked without permission 10 years ago this July.

The album was eventually released on streaming services in 2019, but never on vinyl, and 3000 copies of the vinyl are going on sale today at 4pm Irish/British time (11am EST) via

The website is fairly idiosyncratic and login issues are common so head on over and signup in advance if you’re interested in nabbing a copy.

Paul gave an interview after the event which suggested that the leak caused him much anguish.

“I understand that it might have seemed like a positive thing to a lot of people – the music they had been waiting to hear was finally out there – but for me, it was very difficult to deal with. I felt pretty alone with everything, like no-one else seemed to view the situation in the same way I did: as a catastrophe.”

“On a personal level, things gradually went south and I had a breakdown of sorts. I was in quite a bad place for some time. I was unable to work and withdrew from life in general.”

Paul occasionally has released music from himself and the Paul Institute roster, over the years.

Visit the Paul Institute Discord and Jai Paul Reddit for more.

Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones) LP Track list:

A1. One of the Bredrins
A2. Str8 Outta Mumbai
A3. Zion Wolf Theme – Unfinished
A4. Garden of Paradise - Instrumental Unfinished
A5. Genevieve - Unfinished
A6. Raw Beat - Unfinished
A7. Crush - Unfinished
A8. Good Time
A9. Jasmine – Edit

B1. 100000 - Unfinished
B2. Vibin’ - Unfinished
B3. Baby Beat - Unfinished
B4. Desert River - Unfinished
B5. Chix - Unfinished
B6. All Night - Unfinished
B7. BTSTU – Demo

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