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Jealous of the Birds – ‘Goji Berry Sunset’

Jealous of the Birds – ‘Goji Berry Sunset’


Rarely a month goes by in which I don’t receive some Northern Irish music gem from BBC NI Across The Line’s keen team. I contribute to the show once a month and last night, new co-presenter Stuart Bailie really pulled something out of nowhere with this track.

‘Goji Berry Sunset’ is a track from a young Portadown singer-songwriter Naomi Hamilton and it’s taken from debut EP Capricorn under the name Jealous Of The Birds.

Hamilton has cultivated a bedroom lo-fi acoustic folk feel to her songs albeit with an advanced skill for creating an atmosphere through arrangement and tone.

‘Goji Berry Sunset’ has a Moldy Peaches feel to it, thanks to its responsive vocal delivery and whistling. It has great lines “your name fizzes on my tongue,” and “maybe you’re my favourite (I like the beard, don’t shave it).”

Get the EP at Bandcamp.