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Just Wondering. play it ‘Cul’ in new single

Just Wondering. play it ‘Cul’ in new single

Just Wondering are a two piece alt-pop duo from Dublin composed of school friends Jack O’Shaughnessy and Wale Akande.

They first came to our attention last November with their synth-drenched bop ‘Worth It’ and they’ve just released its buoyant follow up ‘Cul‘.

‘Cul’ follows in a similar vein to its predecessor with tight hooks and syncopated rhythms underneath electronic percussion lines and swelling analogue synths, its bursting with colour. The track rises and falls in all the right places and compliments both vocalists in their own right amidst flirtatious lyrics and rhymes.

The accompanying music video was shot by Stuart Delaney and edited by Adam Kelly, and it follows the duo around the streets of Dublin. You might recognise some of them.

More of this please?