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Knoxville Morning – ‘Bridget’

Knoxville Morning – ‘Bridget’


The Newbridge band Knoxville Morning lead by Ciaran Dwyer, released an album in 2012 inspired by a road trip in the U.S.

The band have been touring in Europe since, in Germany and Holland most recently, and thoughts have been brewing about the second album. The influences for new material have been closer to home this time, with Ciaran saying he has written “his own album of Romantic Comedies set on the already well-romanticised streets of Dublin City.”

From that record to come, ‘Bridget’ is one such romantic song which Ciaran will explain to you in better detail than I:

Bridget is a tricky customer.  A winter gal, but blonde as a summer sun.   A yo-yo, up and down sort of creature.  Funny and brilliant and wonderfully weird, like that shop down the stairs where yer man found Gizmo in the Gremlins.  She’s the Bee’s Knees and the Cats Pyjamas.  All of that stuff and more.  She has a smile and two eyes and legs that go all the way down to the ground.

This song was written a few Christmases ago after a night very similar to tonight. A wild and unpredictable Christmas jumper wearing – ties around the head and jeans around the ankles kind of night. It was Bridget and our Intrepid Hero, it was freezing fucking cold, it was Dublin City.  It was a romance, but as we all know, romances end, and on nights like this, they typically end with the slam of a taxi door and a plume of diesel smoke billowing all the way back down Camden Street, without so much as a look out the filthy back window.  But on this night Bridget looked out.

Ciaran Dwyer of Knoxville Morning is a self-confessed lover of Romantic Comedies. Give an underdog a chance, set it in New York, add in a happy ending and he is set.  Last winter he moved to Dublin City and inspired by these awful movies, Father John Misty’s music, Soundings the poetry book, Brendan Behan, Sebastian Dangerfield and the streets and pubs of Dublin, he began to write his own album of Romantic Comedies set on the already well -romanticised streets of Dublin City.

Recording credits:
Ciaran Dwyer – Acoustic Guitar and Singing
Stephen Fahey – Backing Singing, Comb and Percussion
Eimear Dempsey – Lonesome Fiddle
Recorded by The Dude Peter Lee in Yew Wood Studios, Newbridge.

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