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Kojaque’s off his head in the ‘Town’s Dead’ vid

Kojaque’s off his head in the ‘Town’s Dead’ vid

Kojaque - Town's Dead (Official Video)

Kojaque dropped a video for my favourite track of last month, the Girl Band-sampling ‘Town’s Dead’ from the album of the same name.

Last night, he premiered a video – a director collaboration between himself, Sam McGrath and producer Freddie O’Donohoe.

It features Kevin Smith in headless mode and the rapper says it was a shoot that was against all odds for its ambition but they pulled it off.

 “Everyone we approached about this told us that it would be impossible to pull off. The concept, the locations, the time frame, they all said the same thing, re-think the idea, minimise it and try again, we chose to ignore that advice and do it ourselves. I have to commend Sam McGrath and Freddie O’Donohue on this, I was so ready to give up and do something less ambitious but they convinced me it could be done and I think the finished product speaks for itself. I’ve never worked on something more ambitious or left of field than this, I still can’t believe that we pulled it off. Have to give a special shout to Jack Needham on VFX, I don’t know how he did it and we couldn’t have done it without him. This video went through at least 10 to 15 different iterations before we finally came to this idea, it started with Sam suggesting that my head gets knocked off the minute the track begins, it all kind of just snowballed from there. There were a lot of different influences that inspired both the idea and aesthetics, from Sleepy Hallows, to A BOY IS A GUN even Aphex Twin and Remains of The Day, it was a pretty extensive mood board. We storyboarded the whole thing out within an inch of its life, as we usually do, and powered through it in two days. Without a shadow of a doubt it’s the best video I’ve made. There were so many amazing people working on it, from the cast to the crew and everyone in between, there’s far too many to thank but I’m so appreciative of every single one.”

Town’s Dead is released June 25th on Soft Boy Records / Different Recordings.

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