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Saint Sister – ‘Oh My God Oh Canada’

Saint Sister – ‘Oh My God Oh Canada’


Saint Sister have shared a new song from their forthcoming second album Where I Should End, another peak after the triumph of ‘Karaoke Song’.

Oh My God Oh Canada is about the intricacies within your most cherished and complicated relationships. It’s about not knowing where the line is, finding yourself on the wrong side of it and spending months trying to find your way back to the right place. It’s about saying too much and at the same time, nothing at all, giving too much of yourself in one moment but not showing up when you’re needed most I wrote it about wanting to be a better friend, but knowing I never would be.”

The video was shot in Wicklow late at night with Algorithm and directed by Janna Kemperman who says:

Morgan McIntyre says of the song:

It’s easy to take the nature that surrounds us for granted. For this video, we wanted to highlight the beauty of the Irish landscape. By creating abstract lighting setups we want the viewer to observe nature in a different way and to cherish it” –

Players on the song include Shane Gough, David Tapley, Caimin Gilmore, Rían Trench, Larissa O Grady, Maria Ryan, Lisa Dowdall and Kate Ellis.

Where Should I End is out on June 25th and the band’s website has merch and pre-order packages.


1. My Brilliant Friend 
2. Dynamite 
3. Karaoke Song 
4. The Place That I Work (feat. Lisa Hannigan) 
5. Irish Hour 
6. Date Night 
7. Oh My God Oh Canada 
8. Manchester Air 
9. House 9 
10. Any Dreams?

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