After last year’s once-off sating single ‘Pleasure’, Le Galaxie have announced they will finally release their long-awaited third album also titled Pleasure on April 6th this year on US label Red River.

‘Day Of The Child’, the second track from the album was released today with May Kay, formerly of Fight Like Apes, now officially a full-time member of the band, and marking the occasion by being the sole vocalist on this new track.

‘Day Of The Child’ draws from the band’s established retro-electro neon synth sound with May Kay’s vocals bringing a new shade to their night-time pleasure.


  1. Pleasure
  2. Day Of The Child
  3. Can’t Stop
  4. L.I.E.
  5. Lock That Heart Down
  6. Guy
  7. Demi Moore
  8. Hang Fire
  9. Women In Love
  10. The Comedown