, 8 gigs & clubs to see in Limerick city this weekend

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Thursday May 30th

  • Alabama 3  @ Dolans Warehouse (€18)
    The English electronic band perform an acoustic set. 

Friday May 31st

  • Madness @ Live at the Docklands (€53)
    Join Madness for the first of three events at Limerick historic docklands.
  • Willy Leahy Vs. Micky Mac @ Dolans Warehouse (11:00pm, €10)
    2FM legends 40 year anniversary sees Will Leahys Electric Dreams and Micky Macs Decks and Drums.

Saturday June 1st

  • Jenny Green @ Dolans Warehouse (11:00pm ,€10)
    Live at the Docklands afterparty.

Sunday June 2nd

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