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Listen to a DJ Tu-Ki minimix of All City’s brilliant Amada compilation

Listen to a DJ Tu-Ki minimix of All City’s brilliant Amada compilation

Mamiko Motto of NTS has put together a compilation called Amada for All City. Featuring some great underground music from Bobby, Dorian Concept, Georgia Anne Muldrow, James Pants, SCNTST, Obey City and seven other artists, it’s a superb collection of music drawn from the world of electronic, hip-hop and soul. There’s Obey City’s ambient-funk opener, Bobby’s boogie-down pop ‘Tame The Shrew’, James Pant’s twisted kraut-electronica, the stabbin’ trap production ‘Pyschosis’ by Dark E Freeker, Fatima Yamaha’s frenetic hi-BPM synth glider ‘AAA’, SCNTST’s jazzy floorfiller, Claude Speede’s Brainfreeze/AFX’s workout ‘Crushed Rave’ and GMCFOSHO oddball rap of ‘Comupout’.

DJ Tu-Ki put together a 21 minute minimix of the tracks featured on the comp. Check it out. You can get the compilation on vinyl from All City direct and digitally Bandcamp.

Track list

  1. Obey City – Take It Back 04:01
  2. Young Mind – Jennifer 05:06
  3. Bobby – Tame The Shrew 04:21
  4. Georgia Anne Muldrow – Git Thee 03:00
  5. James Pants – Ritual Magick 02:16
  6. Silkersoft – Duel 03:36
  7. Darq E Freaker – Psychosis 03:19
  8. Fatima Yamaha – AAA 07:13
  9. SCNTST – For Forest Play Only 05:50
  10. Mweslee – Una 41 03:50
  11. DZ – Shoulda Coulda 04:56
  12. Dorian Concept – Empty Everything 02:11
  13. Claude Speeed – Crushed Rave 04:48