Listen to the new album from Dublin alt experimentalists Rollers/Sparkers

Over two years ago, the Dublin alt experimental band Rollers/Sparkers returned with their first bit of new music in five years – ‘Slit Fricative’.

Last month, the drone-prone percussive art-rockers finally released that promised album Interior Ministry.

If you’re a fan of hypnotic grooves, math-leaning rock, kraut, electronics and textured post-punk ambience, you’ll enjoy this Jimmy Eadie-produced third album. Enjoy, who knows when we’ll here from them again. That’s just how they roll. (sorry).

It’s free to download or pay what you want:

The material for Interior Ministry came from about 80 hours of material we’d recorded on a proper 24-track mobile ProTools system with a professional engineer named Jimmy Eadie (he of The Idiots way back in the 90s, and the engineer behind Si Schroeder’s Coping Mechanisms among numerous other releases). We rented a house in County Galway and went there with Jimmy where we did the classic “retire to a country house, set all your gear up in the sitting room and make an indecent racket for an entire week” -type thing. (Led Zeppelin have a lot to answer for.)

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