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Listen to a Quiet Headphones Walk playlist

Listen to a Quiet Headphones Walk playlist


I spent the weekend on the small island of Inishturk off the coast of Mayo, at a gathering of like-minded people all connected through mutual friends. There was dancing, much singing, crying laughter, the playing of sport which battled the elements (and a lack of experience), crab claws and BBQ on an Atlantic Beach, fishing, kombucha classes with islanders and many a pint of Guinness swilled and sunk.

An island of 58 people swelled to over 200 for one weekend (safe in the knowledge that every penny spent went back to the community) yet there was always space and time to take the natural beauty of the island in. On the Sunday afternoon, I set off on a solitary walk around the head to take in the view. I had the foresight to take my headphones with me and a playlist in mind.

As the winds rose and fell, the rain hit cold forehead only to reveal blue skies and cliffs of beauty, this was the soundtrack to my journey.

This Quiet Headphones Walk playlist is a chilled folk and ambient electronic playlist for a calming headphones listen, whatever the weather, for a reflective mood. It features 25 songs from Bibio to Olafur Arnalds to Four Tet to Julie Byrne to Brigid Mae Power to Gold Panda to Beach House.

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