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Mongoose address the 8th amendment on ‘Doing Things Wrong’

Mongoose address the 8th amendment on ‘Doing Things Wrong’


The four-piece folk band Mongoose released a harmony-lead collection of rambunctious folk pop music last year.

For the followup single, ‘Doing Things Wrong’ addresses the current movement towards repealing the 8th amendment in Ireland. The amendment equates the life of the unborn, with the pregnant mother’s life, which as shown to be an issue in cases involving rape or complications in birth – it can leave to a woman being forced to have a child or it can lead to the death of the mother in the case of Savita Halappanavar.

Mongoose’s song “captures the powerlessness of Irish women” in the context of the current debate around female bodily autonomy, the confusion around the debate and the need for action in the face of unacceptable inaction. It’s addressed explicitly in the video:

Mongoose - Doing Things Wrong (Official Video)

The video shows the four band members embarking on an arduous journey, such as the journey Irish women take every day to avail of abortion services in England and beyond. At each stage of their journeys the women are degraded and belittled, carrying the weight of an oppressive history at a time where they would be in most need of care and understanding.

Mongoose aim to highlight the inhumanity of this situation, how their country does not trust them with their own bodies. Silenced and blinded by their public representatives for so many years, this video expresses the need for Irish women’s autonomy and freedom.

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