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Longitude cancellations, additions & stage times

Longitude cancellations, additions & stage times


Longitude is happening in Marlay Park this weekend and has a distinctly more hip-hop vibe than in previous years.

But we all know that rappers are the one on the lineup who always seem to cancel first. And so it is. Earl Sweatshirt is no longer playing this weekend but he’s been replaced by Pusha T so arguably a better outcome.

Meanwhile, last minute additions include All Tvvins, Barq, Wyvern Lingo, Brave Giant and  Columbia Mills are now on the lineup.

You may also notice Sunday’s times don’t go past 9pm for all stages other than Mumford & Sons. Must be part of their show deal.  Bummer.

The app links for Android and iPhone are here as they are missing Speakeasy which should be on there. Map here.

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