, LovesVinyl’s March compilation features Ye Vagabonds, Ailbhe Reddy, David Keenan & more

LovesVinyl is a new subscription service from Dublin Vinyl.

The basic idea is that customers pay a monthly subscription of €29 and in turn receive a monthly vinyl compilation featuring music from some of the freshest Irish musical talent.

Each box set a customer will receive will also boast an album of the month from either an international or domestic talent, delivered to your door.

Featuring on the March compilation will be Ye Vagabonds, Ailbhe Reddy, David Keenan, Anna Mieke and spoken word artist Stephen James Smith.


    1. Ye Vagabonds – Go Where You Will Go
    2. Ailbhe Reddy – Loyal
    3. David Keenan – Evidence Of Living
    4. Lisa O’Neill – Violet Gibson
    5. Anna Mieke – Parallel
    6. Stephen James Smith – Dublin You Are

Both Reddy’s ‘Loyal’ and Mieke’s ‘Parallel’ are currently only available on this compilation.

Each of the monthly compilations will be exclusive to subscribers and not available in any stores.

Seems like a great way to support your local talent.

The deadline for subscriptions eligible to receive the March box set is the 19th of March.

Head on over to LovesVinyl’s website for all subscriptions and the general suss.