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Lullahush’s ‘If Spring Had A Spare Room, I’d Share It with You’ is pure bliss

It’s always exciting to discover an artist doing things differently and this is very much the case with Lullahush.

You’ve probably heard Daniel McIntyre’s work already with Æ Mak and the producer was also chosen to attend the prestigious RBMA in 2018 (which is discontinuing this year). We’ve been looking forward to new material since we heard ‘Terracotta Slow Dance‘ last month it arrived on Friday with his new single ‘If Spring Had A Spare Room, I’d Share It With You’.

We were on board as soon as we read that title so three minutes of music felt like a bonus. We already knew McIntyre was a stellar producer but this track shows him to be just as prolific a lyricist, “all of the auburn is turning to blue, winter’s a cold bed, come be my cocoon”. The song is buoyant and textured with layers of vocoders and percussion – there’s always something new for your ears to grab onto but the track never feels over saturated.

When he heard his last single we said the there was a general air of noncompliance with Daniel’s music and this still rings true here, there’s a consistent feeling of sincerity and individuality attached to material.

The music video created by Katie Freeney and Tim Shearwood features Daniel with Katie building a bed frame, only for it to become submerged in waves.

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