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Magic Wands – Magic, Love and Dreams EP

Magic Wands – Magic, Love and Dreams EP


magicwands I’ve been following Magic Wands for about a year or so now. Their track ‘Black Magic’ was one of my favourite finds of last year yet they seemed to have stalled for a while. Now, they are cranking back into gear with a new EP Magic, Love and Dreams EP with the lead track ‘Warrior’ with the obligatory cool remixes from The XX, Crystal Fighters and Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head.

Apparently, the were awful at SXSW 2008 so hopefully they’ve improved since. They certainly seemed to have bolstered their sound with some decent beats. You have to give bands a chance to develop in this over-accelerated market. Maybe now, I can stop thinking their name is ‘Black Magic’. Note to self: the band is MAGIC WANDS. Thank you brain.

Magic Wands – Warrior (The XX remix)

Magic Wands – Warrior (Defend Moscow remix)

Magic Wands – Black Magic

Check out the Crystal Fighters and L’amour La Morgue Edition remixes of ‘Black Magic’ at RCRDLBL.

Buy the EP here.

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