Maria Somerville weaves the barren landscapes of Connemara into ‘Eyes Don’t Say It’

Maria Somerville is an Irish artist who first buzzed in 2013/2014 with impressive live shows. Hailing from Connemara, the songwriter, singer and producer has taken her time since that initial buzz to develop her music and her first song is finally here.

Taken from her upcoming EP (release date TBC), the track is noteworthy for its interesting integration of overlapping traditional Irish melodies with dense soundscapes, textured by atmospheric vocals. Somerville draws on folk and lo-fi synth music for inspiration, and this is evident from her debut. It makes for an interesting listen.

The music video for the track is equally intriguing. Directed by Cáit Fahey, the video features Somerville performing to a nondescript audience in a building, contrasted by lo-fi grainy close ups.

Somerville, who embarks on a European tour supporting Girls Names today, says that writing her EP educated her about “the process of limitations and surrendering”. She has set the bar high for the rest of it.

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