, Meltybrains? are offering fans Melt the Jewels? – their album recorded using only Run The Jewels samples

Ireland’s finest ebullient experimentalists Meltybrains? have been quiet on the live gig front because they are working on their debut full-length album.

As times are trying financially for any band looking to pay for the costs of recording, mixing and mastering, Melty have set up a Patreon account to help fund it and have announced it with this very excellent video.

Rewards range from unreleased video footage to Skype Music lessons, Melty jingles, Monkey See//Monkey Do videos, cover versions and Melt The Jewels? – “Upon finishing our debut album, we will re-record the whole album using only Run The Jewels samples.”

Cost? $40,000. Bargain.

See Patreon for all the tiers and rewards.