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M.I.A. – ‘Born Free’ live on Letterman

M.I.A. – ‘Born Free’ live on Letterman


/\/\/\Y/\ is a disappointing listen. It’s abrasive for the sake of it, lacks direction, cohesion and really only ends up with four or five listenable tunes (‘Steppin’ Up, ‘XXXO’, ‘Born Free’, ‘Space’ and ‘Tell Me Why’). It’s most certainly her least appealing album thus far. After all that truffle fries nonsense, she needed it to be worthy of acting like a twat. Maybe, M.I.A prefers to be the underdog though? Reaction to the album is poor. So she appears on Letterman with an army of M.I.A doppelgangers and Suicide’s Martin Rev on keyboards. It’s a discombobulating performance but a memorable one.

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/\/\/\Y/\ by M.I.A. MAYA

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