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No Monster Club – Posthumous Hits: a 46-track cassette compilation

No Monster Club – Posthumous Hits: a 46-track cassette compilation



Bobby Aherne’s No Monster Club band project has been lo-fi rocking in the free world since 2009 and Bobby felt the time was right to compile a collection of bits and bobs, songs and things onto a cassette. Perhaps in an effort to fill up a 90-minute tape, the resulting album Posthumous Hits has 46 tracks in total, recorded between 2009 and 2012.

The blurb story goes that Bobby Aherne “tragically passed away earlier this year, aged 24 and Posthumous Hits was unearthed after his death. The album has been lovingly mastered by Mark Chester (Grand Pocket Orchestra/Ginnels) and prepared for release by his bandmates, friends and family.” Either way, it’s the followup to this year’s impressive Dublin album. Get Posthumous Hits at Big Cartel for €7.

Here are two songs from it, one with Bobby’s new best friend in video form:


1. Let’s Get Lucky
2. Evil Loves Your Room
3. Bobby’s World
4. Eureka! (He’s Got It! By Gum, He’s Really Got It!)
5. The Bad Blood
6. Waking My Idols
7. Barbershop Romance
8. Boyhood Deed #1 (Escape From The World Outside)
9. Our Last Supper
10. Barceloner
11. Oh My God Are We Gonna Have Fun
12. Boyhood Deed #2 (Na Na Na Interlude)
13. Happy Faces
14. Son of Monk
15. Boyhood Deed #3 (Turning Into Mr. Freeze)
16. Ye Olde Head Shoppe
17. Argelès-sur-Mer
18. Boyhood Deed #4 (Halloween 2009)
19. No Life
20. No Pinocchio
21. Boyhood Deed #5 (A Nazi Dreamboat’s First Song)
22. Rod Stewart
23. Boyhood Deed #6 (Magia Naturalis)
24. Sixty Cent Rocket and the Convent Brass Band
25. Boyhood Deed #7 (This Is The Dream of Brendan Kilkenny)
26. The 2010 Fruitgum Company
27. Who Wants A Man
28. Otherworld Blisters
29. A Sudanese Back Garden
30. Mas Afuera
31. Let’s Crowdsurf Mike Stevens
32. Summerrrrrr…
33. Boyhood Deed #8 (ESB Power Cut)
34. Boyhood Deed #9 (Rebellious Masterson)
35. Good Boy For Life
36. This Head Won’t
37. Boyhood Deed #10 (Birthdays In Paris – Christmas Version)
38. Take The Bus
39. Boyhood Deed #11 (Blippity Bloop)
40. Medicine Tonight
41. Boyhood Deed #12 (Hiking In The Nip)
42. Kalimanko
43. Boyhood Deed #13 (Guys I Think I Found My Brain)
44. Slow Learner
45. Recovery, In Time
46. I’m A Tree

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