Autre Monde are a new band formed from a lot of Dublin-based indie pop bands associated with Popical Island, which is currently in hibernation mode.

Featuring Paddy Hanna on vocals, Mark Chester on guitar (Ginnels), Padraig Cooney on bass (Skelocrats, Tieranniesaur) and Eoghan O’Brien on drums (No Monster Club), their new band is inspired by “an early Brian Eno, John Cale plus post-punk kind of seam,” with references to ESG, Television, Suicide, The Slits and Pere Ubu.

The band’s first song, recorded with Daniel Fox of Girl Band, ‘Customs’ is a delight of loose rock proportions. In other words, it’s a lovely jam.

Posted on April 11th, 2017

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Bobby Aherne aka No Monster Club is back with his lo-fi indie project No Monster Club and he’s set himself a goal of 2017 being the year of the NMC Encyclopedia (he’s already written an actual book).

So all the songs will go two at a time from A-Z. Last month he released the Aardvark – Blessing EP and this month Blimp – Casino – two brand new songs on Bandcamp leading with the bopping brightness of ‘You Only Dance’.

Catch No Monster Club at the Oh Boland launch in Bello Bar later this month.

Posted on February 8th, 2017


Last year, Bobby Aherne aka No Monster Club released his best album yet People Are Weird on Popical Island/Mirror Universe. The lo-fi charmer’s ‘I’m Retired’ is an earworm indie pop track that was voted number 12 in Nialler9’s Best of 2015: Readers’ 25 top Irish songs.

Now, Daniel Martin has put together a new video for the song which “follows the journey of the song since its release, from house shows to festivals, via rock clubs and dive bars”. Along the way, No Monster Club swells and shrinks in size and personnel.

Filmed between 2014 and 2016 in Whelan’s, BelloBar, Birthdays, Knockanstockan, Roisin Dubh, Sweeney’s, The R.A.G.E., The Pop Inn, The Academy, Castlepalooza, Pine Lodge, The Ashdale Living Room, The Button Factory & Connolly’s of Leap.

The band are playing a gig in the Stag’s Head tonight.

Up next for Aherne: a 7″ EP entitled ‘Where Did You Get That Milkshake?’, will be released on Emotional Response Records on September 5th.

Posted on August 10th, 2016



Bobby Aherne AKA No Monster Club continues his quest to release more albums than anyone else with the release of his eleventh album I Feel Magic next month on February 19th through Popical Island.

We’ve heard the ditty indie pop of ‘Lemonade’ and here, ‘Sion’ adds new colour to Aherne’s bedroom pop project that always colours outside the lines and has a ramshackle youthful charm to it.

There will be release parties in Dublin on March 4th and London tomorrow hosted by Crack In The Road.

Posted on January 26th, 2016



These songs represent my favourite new tracks of last week. Check the new music section. The new music playlist is available on Spotify and is updated weekly.

The best tracks of the week

  1. Jude Woodhead – ‘Beautiful Rain’
  2. I Am The Cosmos feat. Girls Names – ‘I Go’ (Jape cover)
  3. ticktock – ‘Pastel clouds’
  4. Riton – ‘Rinse & Repeat’
  5. NZCA Lines – ‘Two Hearts’
  6. Ahohni – ‘Four Degrees’
  7. Wiki feat. Nasty Nigel – ‘Living With My Moms’
  8. Foreign Air – Free Animal’
  9. King – ‘Hey’ (new extended version)
  10. No Monster  Club – ‘ Lemonade’
  11. Solar Bears – ‘Man plus’
  12. Bonzai – ‘Doses’

Soundcloud version

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Spotify playlist


Posted on December 8th, 2015

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No Monster Club’s excellent People Are Weird album is receiving a real-world launch on Saturday in Bello Bar (see the humongous gig guide).

As a nice bit of promotional synergy, Bobby Aherne has a new video for the album track ‘The Loneliest Master’ by Giles Brody and Conor O’Toole featuring Owen Colgan (Buzz’ from Hardy Bucks) centred on Bobby finding out he has a son, discovering his skills in the thumb wrestling arena at Royal Thumble and using his skills to pay a child support bill. Normal Tuesday stuff.

Posted on March 10th, 2015


If the back catalogue of Bobby Aherne’s No Monster Club has taught us anything is that the talented Dubliner has an ability to write insanely catchy guitar songs. It’s something he’s done with a regularity in the last five years: ‘Be My Bone’, ‘(I Think You Could Get Away With This Carry On When You’re In) The Sun’, ‘A Better Fit’ or ‘La La Land’ to name but several songs of his.

People Are Weird, his latest album is chock full of them, making it his most accessible work yet and an album that feels like a progression in that Aherne has nailed the catchiness in a distilled songwriting style that moves the music he makes into a wider territory, and he’s done it with his humorous character intact and a cleaner production throughout (with mastering by his bandmate Mark Chester).

It’s there in the opening track of ‘Can’t Get Enough Of That Hippy Dippy Bullshit’, a bright march into tight lo-fi pop track ‘Arms Across America’ which leads to a less-than two minute keyboard-pop stomp of ‘The Severed Head’ which hurtles into perhaps, the best song Aherne has ever written ‘I’ve Retired’, an ultra-catchy fuzz-pop wonder and the most celebatory song about ending a music career you’re likely to hear.

“You got to treat this life as a laugh,” goes ‘Winning Streak’, a credo which Aherne puts across in his fun songs and it’s something which is felt on ‘A Bad Example’ a song which addresses the often traumatic school-going experience with a classic rock’n’roll rhythm or ‘Late Bloomers’ a psychedelic bounce track which suggests that people don’t always hit their potential early on in life, which is a nice way to say that this is Aherne’s best No Monster Club release so far. People are weird and also, great.

Buy the album on Bandcamp.

People Are Weird will be launched on March 14th in Bello Bar, with support from Soil Creep & Laurie Shaw – €7 in, or else €10 with the album on CD or tape.

Posted on February 3rd, 2015



2014 was a good year for Bobby Aherne. He released his first book and he released an album with Women’s Christmas and he played with Padda Hanna and Ginnels too.

2015 is time for Bobby to release a new solo No Monster Club record. It’s called People Are Weird and is out on January 27th on Mirror Universe. You might have heard ‘Arms Across America’ last month, well, here’s a similar bockety indie-pop track with a catchy chorus called ‘I’m Retired’ from the album.

Posted on January 20th, 2015


It’s Eurovision week as I’m sure you know from the talk of exuberant Icelandics, mother-loving Belgians, Latvians singing about baking cakes and the French refusing to sing in English. Ireland are Eurovision champions basically, because we’ve won it so many times (seven) that there’s a classic Irish Eurovision songbook waiting to be plundered.

Which is what No Monster Club have done, 20 years later to Charlie McGettigan and Paul Harrington’s rendition of the Brendan Graham song ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids’, the winner in 1994.

No Monster Club have shows coming up in Dublin and England supporting The Polyphonic Spree as per below.

See also: Patrick Kelleher covering Niamh Kavanagh’s In Your Eyes’ –>

No Monster Club tour dates

May 30 @ The Pop Inn
June 5 @ East Village Arts Club, Liverpool (with The Polyphonic Spree)
June 7 @ The Academy, Manchester (with The Polyphonic Spree)

Posted on May 8th, 2014


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Dublin indie-rock trio No Monster Club have been bouncing along at a zippy pace like an puppy dog making an excited din of noise for the last few years. Their last album proper Dublin was proper good, not counting the 46-track cassette collection of Posthumous Hits and appearances on Popical Island’s The Community Games split albums.

The new one, Foie Gras collects some of those visually-lead singles they’ve released in the last year ‘La La Land’ and ‘(I Think You Could Get Away With This Carry On When You’re In) The Sun’ and puts them alongside a fun little collection of tracks which expand the band’s core sound a bit to include some brass, keys with more nimble and tighter rhythms.

Other highlights include the psych bright garage-rock of ‘Happy Days’, the slightly Vampire Weekend-esque ‘I Want to Be Brainwashed’ and the sunny ‘Damn The Weather’. Get the album on Download or Cassette on Bandcamp.


  1. Fully Trained Cavemen
  2. (I Think You Could Only Get Away With This Carry On When You’re In) The Sun
  3. The Prisoner
  4. Happy Days
  5. I Wanna Be Brainwashed
  6. Warm Props


  1. La La Land
  2. Damn The Weather
  3. The Best Thing About Us Is We Never Grow Up
  4. Troublemakers
  5. Let’s Go Diggin’ In Wolfe Tone Square
  6. Those Little Bastards

Posted on December 13th, 2013


No Monster Club’s ode to the last three glorious weeks of sunshine (hereafter known as the rare Irish summer of 2013) ‘(I Think You Could Get Away With This Carry On When You’re In) The Sun’. This track, ‘Damn The Weather’ (a pre-emptive diss track?) and ‘La La Land’ (the one with the dog in the car) will feature on a new album coming out soon.

Meanwhile, the band are playing with The Polyphonic Spree in London on August 6th and have a US tour coming up. Watch a 20 minute video of the band performing songs for Film 13 in my hometown of Newbridge.


Posted on July 25th, 2013



Popical Island’s The Community Games compilation, which you may have heard a sampler of already and features 4 EPs from 4 bands associated with the label is now streaming in full ahead of Saturday’s gig in Whelan’s. Cave Ghosts, Ginnels, Grand Pocket Orchestra and No Monster Club share member, space and gear (of the musical variety) so they bandied together under the Popical cause in indie-pop rock solidarity.

Entry to the gig on Saturday upstairs in Whelan’s, €5 or €10 with the LP. If you can’t make the gig, you can buy the collection on Bandcamp.

Posted on April 9th, 2013


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Apart from being one of the best Irish-centric compilation titles I’ve heard in ages, The Community Games is a compilation of 4 EPs from 4 bands associated with the label, Cave Ghosts, Ginnels, Grand Pocket Orchestra and No Monster Club who share members, a rehearsal room and equipment between them.

Each band gets three songs each on a 12″ release that’s out on April 5th. There’ll be 10 collectible covers to get each with a shot of a different member on the front. There’s a launch gig on Saturday April 13th, upstairs in Whelan’s, €5 or €10 with the LP. Bargain.

Have a listen to a track each from the bands and get to know the 10 people involved in a shitty sitcom-style TV intro:

Watch the weird/good video promo →

Posted on March 25th, 2013


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For the last two years, January has been brightened up by the appearance of Quompilation, a compilation from Quarter Inch Collective. The premise is simple: bands from Ireland cover their favourite music of the last year. That idea has led to great covers and odd juxtapositions: No Monster Club covering Jedward, Simon Bird covering Kavinsky’s ‘Nightcall’ song from the film Drive, Cloud Castle Lake covering Kanye and Girl Band covering The Chemical Brothers.

For Quompilation #3, some of the same names are back; Girl Band tackle Blawan’s dark techno anthem ‘Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?’, Turning Down Sex go hell for leather on Dublin’s No Spill Blood. Ginola thrash up Katie Kim’s ‘Heavy Lightning’, Kathi Burke covers Frank Ocean, Spilly Walker take on Moodyman and as-featured last week, Cloud Castle Lake cover Jai Paul.

Listen to the whole thing below. A launch night in The Workman’s Club, Dublin happens this Friday February 1st featuring most of the 14 bands and the album will be available for download and cassette that date.

Listen to Volume #1 and #2.

Posted on January 28th, 2013


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