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Movember: The final moustachioed call

Movember: The final moustachioed call


dereksmalls For the last 30 days I like many other blokes, have been tentatively growing shoots of hair atop my upper lip in the vain hope of becoming more masculine and most importantly to raise funds and awareness for the Irish Cancer Society’s Action Prostate Cancer. Prostate cancer affects one in nine men in the UK and Ireland. The whole month has been defined by seeing other dudes on the street and mates with ginger, novelty, funny, binman and curled taches. It’s been a fun experience.

With thanks to 15 Movember donators, I have raised €275 so far but as today is the last day, if you have a spare fiver or tenner, please visit this link to donate by Laser or Card. It’s for a great cause. As it’s for charity, a picture of me with my mo and tickler is after the jump.

Donate to Movember and Action Prostate Cancer.

Here’s a song by Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head about facial hair (OK, it’s about beards but still the sentiment is there) to encourage you:

MP3: Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head – Beard Lust

A book is also available: Eurotash – a Journey to the ends of the Upper Lip by Conor Creighton and Steve ryan. Proceeds go towards Prostate Cancer research.

Here is me last week: