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The return of vintage rock ‘n’ roll

The return of vintage rock ‘n’ roll


sandwitxhes Two similar upbeat and breezy tunes for your Monday playlist, both which sound like they were recorded about 40 years ago.

Tune one – The Sandwitches’ ‘Back to the Sea’ is 186 seconds of unadulterated rock ‘n’ roll fun: rollicking rhythms, a classic dum-dum bass line and exalted girl vocals. So nice you got to play it twice.

The Sandwitches – Back to the Sea

Tune two – The Generationals‘ ‘When They Fight They Fight’ is just sixteen seconds longer and squeezes in some Motown horns and bittersweet vocals on top of a vintage ’60s tune.

The Generationals – When They Fight They Fight

The Sandwitches are a three-piece girl group from San Fran who released an album How to Make Ambient Sadcake recently with more than the above style present on the record and you can buy it here.

The Generationals meanwhile are a two-piece from New Orleans whose album Con Law came out in July and whose other material sounds very little like the Spector-esque tune above. Get it on iTunes.