Video: Marina and The Diamonds – Hollywood Infected Your Brain

HoW 2 MakE it iN ‘thE AmEriCA’…..: a) sing about cellphones & ringtones b) auto-tune c) collaborate with big names. Cannot. Wait.

That was Marina taking the piss on Twitter last week. As she unveils her new video, the girl is coincidentally actually in Hollywood where she recently boarded a Bart Simpson ride at Krustyland, drank a Squishee from the Kwiki-Mart and bought clothes in Melrose. The things Twitter can tell you.

‘Hollywood Infected Your Brain’ is being considered as her first big pop single and you may remember it from the Dublin gig earlier in the month. I love the Catherine Zeta line. The video is directed by Kinga Burza and the single on 1st February 2010.

MP3: Marina and the Diamonds – Obsessions (Gold Panda remix)


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