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Know your bands: Mt Wolf vs. Wolf Alice

Know your bands: Mt Wolf vs. Wolf Alice


A quick primer for those like me who may have been encountering some confusion between Mt Wolf and Wolf Alice…

Mt. Wolf

  • Unrestrained atmospheric pop four-piece from London.
  • They are Stevie McMinn, Kate Sproule, Alex Mitchell and Sebastian ‘Bassi’ Fox (presumably the bass player then).
  • This year have released the Hypolight EP and the brilliant ‘Midnight Shallows’ track, which now has a very good video (see below).

They look like this:
Mt Wolf

Wolf Alice

  • A four-piece band who are a bit harder to describe having a sound that flits from ’90s-sounding indie to synth-wave to grungy rock.
  • Ellie Rowsell, Joel Amey, Joff Oddie and Theo Ellis.
  • Also from London.
  • Recently released excellent song ‘Blush’ which features nippled-artwork.

They look like this:

That didn’t help much did it?

Oh well, let’s just agree that both bands are making very promising music and try to learn the differences.

Let’s watch the new Mt. Wolf video together:

Directed by Jean-Philippe Blunt and Thom Humpheys, the concept of the video was inspired by the work of Eadweard Muybridge and early motion photography. There were no computer graphics used, everything you see (apart from the archives) was captured and done in-camera. Directors/Editors J-P Blunt and Thom Humphrey painstakingly applied ‘step and print’ technique digitally. The opening sequence alone includes 1,498 shots, which is more cuts than some feature films have.