Super Extra Bonus Party will be joined by very special guests Ships, Phare and The Comstocks for a hometown show at JRB’s in Newbridge on June 16th.

Super Extra Bonus Party made their return last November with ‘Switzerland’ which was then followed by ‘Purple Heart’, both songs on Kildare based label 045 Recordings.

Tickets go on sale Friday 18th May priced at €10/€14

Go to for more information.

Posted on May 17th, 2018


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Irish DJ and producer Phare has teamed up with AE Mak to release a remix of their recent single ‘I Walk’.

The track combines the already surreal sound design of the original track with a house-infused transcendental instrumental, complete with glittering high-hats and some superb cut up vocal samples. Think Röyksopp meets remix artists like Pogo and Pyschemagik.

Phare is a member of 045 Recordings team , home to artists like Adultrock and Super Extra Bonus Party. He has announced a new EP, due out this summer.

Posted on May 9th, 2018


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Cork-based electronic producer and singer-songwriter Trick Mist or Gavin Murray has released a remix by Phare. The original of his new track ‘Fraction’ which premiered on The Thin Air.

The song took inspiration from his travels to India and even includes sounds of an Indian flute, a Bangalore accordion and sounds of traffic which picked up during his time spent there.

“”Fraction’ is about those times when you are living as a shadow of yourself. Those rough times when you’re working towards something but it takes its toll on your personality. I was heading to India and sacrifices needed to be made in order for that to happen. We hope when we make sacrifices that we experience reward. It’s frustrating but ultimately rewarding to come out the other side of it and feel like your full self again.”

The remix takes you with him on his journey to India in a more upbeat tempo alongside his soothing open narrative-style vocals.

Posted on November 15th, 2017


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Peadar Kearney is the Kildare man behind the production moniker Phare and I’ve shared a number of his hypnotic dancefloor productions over the last year here including his recent 045 Recordings compilation track and his remix of Bantum.

For the Higher EP, out next week on 045, Phare will release two originals and two remixes by Quinton Campbell and Effy.

‘Broke Down Blues’, can be heard on Resident Advisor and I can now share the title track, a concentrated dancefloor shaker.

Catch Phare at the EP launch at Wigwam on Aug 18 and at Electric Picnic.


1. Broke Down Blues
2. Higher
3. Higher (Quinton Campbell Remix)
4. Broke Down Blues (Effy’s Broke and Confused Mix)

Posted on August 9th, 2017


Phare’s newest song ‘Safer Place’ features fellow Kildare man Adultrock (and Lumo boy Gavin Elsted) on vocals. The track has a John Talabot-esque dynamic in its pacing and subtle dancefloor construction.

Get the track on Bandcamp.

Catch Phare live at Celtronic on July 1st in Derry and Castlepalooza in August.

Check out the recent 045 Recordings EP and in particular Mix & Fairbanks’ banging effort ‘Girls’.

Posted on June 13th, 2017

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As I wrote recently, my hometown of Newbridge, Kildare has clearly punched above its regional weight in the music stakes in recent times.

Now, taking its name from the phone area code, 045 Recordings is a group of the new generation of artists from the town who are presenting music together. The first release is an EP out today and it’s already caught ears with Mix & Fairbanks’ Daft Punk meets Todd Terje ‘Girls’ and Phare’s deep roller ‘Night-Time’. Here’s the EP in full featuring ‘Searching’, a slow cosmic disco track from Cinema, ‘The Levy’, a hypnotic electronic instrumental from Adultrock and ‘Little And Often’, a dancefloor house track from new talent Conor C.

045 Recordings are taking over upstairs room at Lumo Club in Tengu tomorrow night too.

Buy the EP on Bandcamp.

Listen on Spotify.

Posted on April 21st, 2017


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My hometown of Newbridge has been accused of fishy activity, of an additive in the water, that has accelerated music growth from the town. In recent years, the likes of Super Extra Bonus Party, Mmoths, DJ Deece Adultrock, Mix & Fairbanks, Conor C, Phare, Lyttet, Cinema and more have made a name for themselves in the Irish dance and electronic landscape.

Maybe, it’s because there’s not a lot else to do in the town so people turn to DJing and production with such force.

Whatever the reason, it’s been turned into a positive thing with 045 Recordings representing artists operating or coming from the town and its surrounding areas (045 is the phone area code).

By way of introduction, 045 Recordings have put a compilation of the active artists mentioned together and will be releasing that digital EP 045 One on 21st April.

Among them are the slow disco of Cinema, the bright house of Conor C, the disco edit magic of Mix & Fairbanks, the hypnotic electronics of Adultrock and this one, a deep vista roller from Phare – ‘Nighttime’.

Look out for more 045 Recordings soon and a takeover at the second room at Lumo Club on April 22nd in Tengu and a stage at Bare in the Woods this year.

EP Tracklist

1. Searching – Cinema
2. Little & Often – Conor C
3. Nighttime – Phare
4. The Levy – Adultrock
5. Girls – Mix & Fairbanks


Posted on April 6th, 2017



Ruairi Lynch aka Bantum’s Move album is nominated for a Choice Music Prize this week and to mark the occasion, here are two top-quality remixes from Irish artists Mix & Fairbanks and Phare (both from Newbridge, Kildare).

M&F’s version of ‘Move’ takes the original’s metallic percussive loop and reworks it as a funky dancefloor stomper. Phare’s version of ‘Take It’ ups the hypnotic swerving rhhythm with snatches of the original’s voices

Both tunes are a free download on Bandcamp.

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Mix & Fairbanks, alongside Adultrock, Cinema, Phare, and Conor C will be starting a label under the name of ‘045 Recordings’ with a few releases already planned for the year.

Posted on March 7th, 2017

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As one half of Lyttet, Peadar Kearney makes softly-lit shoegazing ambient music with Claire Nicole on vocals.

As Phare, his new project, Kearney is taking off the softer focus and working towards the more clubbier end of sonics. ‘Up’, his first track as Phare is six minutes of euphoria-tinged electronica with a twisted Idris Muhammed sample and is reminiscent of Blondes or Teengirl Fantasy.

The first Phare live show happens on Friday night in the Bernard Shaw with Homebeat DJs.

Posted on June 23rd, 2016