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New Music Friday Edit: Khraungbin, Strange Boy, Ra Gerra, Daniel Avery, Real Lies, Caleb Kunle, Fears, Dua Saleh & more

New Music Friday Edit: Khraungbin, Strange Boy, Ra Gerra, Daniel Avery, Real Lies, Caleb Kunle, Fears, Dua Saleh & more


It’s New Music Friday, which means there’s loads of new songs out. Here are the highlights of the day’s new tracks.

See the New Music section for individual posts on tracks featured this week.

Paul McCartney – ‘Pretty Boys’ (Khraungbin remix)

The psychedelic Texas trio do a psychedelic version of a song from McCartney’s most recent album.

Dua Saleh – ‘Signs’

Minneapolis-based artist of Sudanese heritage, Dua Saleh is one to add to your watch lists.

Biig Piig – ‘Lavender’

Biig Piig keeps them coming with a taste of the upcoming EP The Sky is Bleeding.

Real Lie – ‘Late Arcades’

‘Late Arcades’ is from from London duo of Kev Kharas and Patrick King aka Real Lies’ upcoming second album Lad Ash. Here’s the story behind the text on the video.

Caleb Kunle – ‘Going Home’

London-based Irish artist Caleb Kunle feels the bittersweet homesickness of being a bit too far away from family.

“In light of the unprecedented events of 2020 with stories of brutality and inequality littering headlines, coupled with the feeling of missing home, I was inspired to write a homage to simpler times. Seeing a picture from my childhood in Nigeria and hearing voice notes from my mother sparked a line that kept repeating in my mind, ‘I feel like going home, for a while, breaking free”. Naturally that picture became the single cover and those voice notes were incorporated into the song.

Marcus – ‘Redemption’

The Dublin artist Marcus is one of the more individual artists that has emerged from these shores in recent times. Like last year’s ‘Obey’, Marcus’ second single ‘Redemption’ is charmingly colloquial and reflects familial ties and history with a sweet voice.

Strange Boy – ‘Waiting’

Limerick artist Strange Boy dropped a new song and video by Shane Serrano today along with news of a debut album Holy/Unholy coming this summer. ‘Waiting’ further shows Strange Boy to be more than a rapper, a spoken word trad poet with a magnetising delivery.

“I’ve lots of memories of growing up in Limerick, good and bad. With ‘Waiting’ I wanted to put into perspective how my hometown shaped my personality.

Bobby Basil – ‘Giddy Up’

Isaac Nelson is back on his Bobby Basil buzz with a song about “class dysmorphia”.

This single bridges the gap between Bobby and Isaac in bold  fashion with a clear window view into some of his past stories  addressing family life and the grey areas he has found himself  growing up in a council estate in south Dublin Shankill.  

Only moving into a council estate at the age of sixteen, Bobby  knows how it feels to be an outsider of the working class but not  quite rich enough to be apart of the middle or upper class which  relates to the line “ too poor for the rich and to rich for the poor “  

Bobby has picked up on a meta concept on class culture , he calls  this “ class dysmorphia” this in an idea were both classes pick up  on each others cultures in pro creating fashion. 

Ra Gerra – ‘Pressure’

Rapper MuRli and producer Kobina have a full album on the way under the name Ra Gerra which they talked to No Encore about this week. ‘Pressure’ is the second track from the project which isn’t a straight up rap or electronic project by any means.

“It’s often said that pressure produces diamond, and while that may be true, the crushing is still painful and ultimately there’s little guarantee that the outcome would indeed be a precious stone. It takes courage, endurance and vision. This is a little reflection as we draw our own blueprint out of the pressure.”


Boku – ‘Epiphany

Cork producer Ian Ring is back as Boku after his recent Fortune EP with a sunnier track of bumping proportions.

Daniel Avery – ‘Endless Hours’

Daniel Avery put some new music together for his Together In Static socially-distant seated set at London’s Hackney Church on May 29th, and ended up with 11 tracks and an album.  The album will be released June 24 via Phantasy Sound. A live stream from the same venue will happen on on  June 23rd.

Fears – ‘Fabric’

Fears’ debut album Oíche is out on May 7th and this third track teaser from the project is my favourite so far. Fears is also doing a live stream show on Saturday as part of Musictown.

Joshua Burnside – ‘Higher Places’

Burnside writes so much music, he’s releasing a B-sides album. Luckily ‘Higher Places’ is a fine song from the album out on May 4th.

Neomadic – ‘Waves’ feat. SHIV

Neomadic and Shiv together on ‘Waves’ a track from the former’s forthcoming EP After Dark.

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