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nialler9 Podcast #15: May 08

nialler9 Podcast #15: May 08


Before myself and Aoife scuttle off to Barcelona-land for Primavera, we leave you with our fifteenth podcast. Nialler9 is taking a break until the 9th of June as I catch up with some well needed rest and relaxation so this is your lot until then. Do feel free to tell how your gig going is panning out particularly Bon Iver, Get Well Soon, Dj Halfdutch and PCP’s Radio na Life turntables fundraiser in Traffic on Friday night, The Vinny Club album launch on Saturday and anything else you want to share with us. Keep an eye out on for Primavera coverage and maybe here if I get the chance! Toodle doo and enjoy.

nialler9 Podcast #15 – May 2008 (MP3)

Podcast #15 -Tracklisting

  1. Heathers – Remember When [Here, Not There]
  2. Black Affair – It’s Real [Pleasure Pressure Point]
  3. Subtle – Unlikely Rock Shock [Exiting Arm]
  4. The Cool Kids – What Up Man [The Bake Sale]
  5. The Roots – Get Busy [Rising Down]
  6. Lite – EF [Phantasia]
  7. Get Well Soon – You / Aurora / You / Seaside [Rest Now Weary Head You Will Get Well Soon]
  8. Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit – The Wrote & Writ [A Larum]
  9. Bon Iver – Skinny Love [For Emma, Forever Ago]
  10. Halves – Medals [Haunt Me When I’m Drowsy]
  11. Fleet Foxes – Water Winter Hymnal [Fleet Foxes]
  12. Los Mirlos – Sonido Amazonico [The Roots of Chica: Psychedelic Cumbias from Peru]
  13. T-Fire – Will of the People [Nigeria Disco Funk Special: Sound of the Underground Lagos Dancefloor 1974-1979]
  14. Fuck Buttons – Bright Tomorrow [Street Horrrsing]

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