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Youtube-off extravaganza

Youtube-off extravaganza

Exciting times in our house yesterday as Rollie and his DJ Weezl came over to record some vocals for an upcoming Bonus Party MK II joint. As the evening rolled into the small hours, the focus descended into a youtube-off. Rollie and Weezl told us about some crazy MCs and we shared funny youtube shit. There are too many nuggets here, I couldn’t help but share.

Crazy MCs
Pitman is a Nottingham MC who styles himself as a coal miner, and appears on stage and in videos dressed in a British Coal jacket, a hard hat with a lamp and a flask of tea. His face is often covered in coal dust. Here’s his freestyle over Roots Manuva’s ‘Witness the Fitness’. His album is called It Takes a Nation of Tossers..

Pitman – Witness the Pitness

And his video for ‘Girls’

There was also Cee (and the Drunken Arseholes), the homophobic, anti-Christian, anti-rascist MC who sounds like a yokel farmboy and raps in an accent close to Buck 65 but ultimately Trailer Park Boys.

James Brown / Michael Jackson and Prince do a Telethon
It’s 1987 and JB calls both Jackson and Prince down to join him on stage while performing at a live televised event. Prince is so coked off his mind he hitches a ride on the back of a big white dude onto the stage. Check out the microphone moves.

Take That cover Nirvana
Possibly one of the weirdest pop moments of all-time. Period.

Japanese Game Show – Marshallow
Just watch.

CSI Miami – Endless One Liners
Showing this series up for the clichéd crap it is. Hilariously.

Jean Claude Van Damme gets a little too excited

Young Arnie in Brazil

R Kelly – Real Talk

A god in our times lets us “behind the scenes”.

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