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Nialler9 Podcast: B-sides, box sets & the vinyl revival

Nialler9 Podcast: B-sides, box sets & the vinyl revival

Episode 199 of the Nialler9 Podcast is about scarcity and rarity.

Prompted by the news of a Strokes box set of 7″ singles this month, Andrea Cleary talks about the particular form and use of B-sides in the streaming era, the role of singles in the ongoing vinyl revival (2022 was the 15th straight year of vinyl sale growth), and why we love vinyl so much anyway.

We read Jeremy D. Larson’s howlingly good Maneskin review for Pitchfork, check into the Grammys from Sunday night to find that things are as they always seem to be and Steve Albini is hating on Steely Dan and it’s a hoot.

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