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Nialler9 Weekly Chart

Nialler9 Weekly Chart

flo_album I’m off to London today for this which should be great. Full report tomorrow hopefully. Check out the ravey remix of Florence’s ‘Rabbit Heart’ below. That MED track on Stones Throw is at the top of the list because it’s so damn funky. I could listen to it on repeat all day. Amongst the others below is the Dead Prez/Grizzly Bear mashup from a while back which has had a renaissance on my stereo recently. Interestingly, the Casiokids song is actually about finding a lost dog not about falling in love with a sheep as I jokingly suggested but hey I was close! (see comments for translation).

  1. MEDSoon Find Out (Stones Throw)
  2. Florence & the MachineRabbit Heart (Raise it Up) (P.E.S.T rave remix) – (Moshi Moshi)
  3. CasiokidsFinn Bikkjen!7″ (Moshi Mosh)
  4. Major LazerPon De FloorGun’s Don’t Kill People Lazers Do (Downtown)
  5. Magic WandsWarrior (Defend Moscow remix)Magic, Love and Dreams EP
  6. Clues – Clues – Remember Severed Head (Constellation Records)
  7. Grizzly Bear / Dead PrezTwo Weeks of Hip-Hop Mashup
  8. Venice is Sinking – AZAR – Charm CityAZAR (One Percent Press)
  9. FanfarloI’m a PilotReservoir
  10. MSTRKRFTHeart Breaker feat. John Legend

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