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Nialler9’s Music Videos of 2015

Nialler9’s Music Videos of 2015


10. Drake – ‘Hotline Bling’

Video by: Director X

Drake’s unabashed dad dancing launched a thousand memes, his jacket caused many a spike in sales, but the video was also a triumph of set design ( even if it was too closely “inspired” by the work of James Turrell). ‘Hotline Bling’ was 2015’s best example of pop culture as conversation.

9. Future Islands – ‘A Song for Our Grandfathers’

Video by: Jay Buim

An emotional music video about family for a song about family.

8. Shamir – ‘Call It Off’

Video by: Philip Hodges

Shamir Bailey’s exuberant electro pop in puppet form.

7. Girl Band – ‘Paul’

Video by: Bob Gallagher

Juxtaposing escapist debauchery and profanity with the sanitised world of kid’s TV programming is an obvious idea but Gallagher, digs deeper to show us that costumes and masks are of course, a front for the reality of the person behind it, in a thoroughly convincing and entertaining way.

6. De Staat – ‘Witch Doctor’

Video by: Studio Smack, Floris Kaayk & Torre Florim

A rallying headfuck of a video from a Dutch band who came the closest to the kind of video that Rammstein would have been proud of.

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