, One of the most revered Irish albums of the last 20 years is getting a vinyl release this week

Mic Christopher’s life was over before he had the time to fulfil his full potential. In 2001, Mic was touring with the Waterboys in Groningen in the Netherlands when an accident lead to his untimely death.

At the time, Christopher was working on what would have been his debut album, but his extensive notes left behind meant it could be finished in his honour by his friends.

Skylarkin‘ was released in 2002, featured appearances by Lisa Hannigan, Glen Hansard and Gemma Hayes and promptly reached multi-platinum status and spawned well known songs like ‘Heyday and ‘Listen Girl’. It became known as a classic Irish album, well-played by the likes of Phantom FM among others. The Frames’ often play his songs live in his honour.

On Friday, Skylarkin’ will finally be released on vinyl for the first time on what would have been his 48th birthday.

Available now on BornOptimistic.com and from record retailers shortly.