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Watch: Ouri becomes luminescent in music and video for ‘Escape’

Ouri is a French South-African experimental R&B artist.  Currently based in Montreal, she has just signed onto the prestigious Ghostly International label, home to artists like Tycho, Com Truise & many more forward-thinking electronic acts.

The singing happens to coincide with the release of her new EP ‘We Share Our Blood’ on September 28th.

‘Escape’ is the single from that EP, in essence, a streamlined and sleek nu-R&B track.

Whether it be the refined beat, lilting synth tones or the hushed vocal delivery, the track oozes cool and charisma from beginning to end.

With a slick video to boot, ‘Escape’ is the ideal single, creating a strong sense of anticipation for the full EP to come.



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