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Planet Parade – ‘Face To Face’

Planet Parade – ‘Face To Face’


The Kildare duo Michael Hopkins & Andrew Lloyd aka Planet Parade have announced their debut album Mercury will be released in September.

The band have been quietly recording the LP since releasing their summer single ‘Blue Sky’ last year. That followed ‘You’ll Be Sorry’ and ‘Cardiac’ which came after a four-year hiatus.

‘Face To Face’ is Mercury’s opening track, a song that further redraws the lines of the band’s sound into a world of bright shimmering tropical-pop music.

MERCURY – Track List

1. Face to Face
2. Top of the Heap
3. Blue Sky
4. Mute Swan
5. Jump Ship
6. Begin Again
7. Zodiac
8. Cold Blood
9. History Lesson
10. Sweet Claire
11. In The Dark

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