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Play piano like Nils Frahm with his new sheet music book

Play piano like Nils Frahm with his new sheet music book


Nils Frahm will release a book featuring 11 pieces of sheet music on June 29th. Sheets Zwei will include photos and art by Nils’ dad Klaus Frahm (a series called Fragments shot in Portugal) along with instructions and diagrams on how to create Nils’ signature sound ‘Una Corda’.

Sheets Zwei is published by Manners McDade, distributed by Faber Music and includes a download of music transcribed in the book, from Erased Tapes Records.

Tracks in the Sheets Zwei include: Me, Hammers, Circling, La, Ode, You, Re, Wall, Sol, Went Missing and Some.

Here is ‘Ode’:

Pre Order for £60 Tuesday 31st May from Faber Music.

“As already mentioned in the first edition of this ongoing series of ‘Sheets’, I never had a real talent for sight-reading. My piano teachers were always troubled by my refusal to stick to the notes displaying what sounded and felt indescribable to me. I consider this experience as a good start to write your own sheet music. In any case, we tried to make your sight-reading experience as nice as possible. You could, for example, just have a look at my father’s photography while meditating on the many changes of tempo in my music. Even easier, you could start writing your own piece on some of the blank pages at the end of the book or learn how to transform your piano into an Una Corda piano. Whatever comes to your mind, I hope this book will accompany you and your loved ones for a long time.” – Nils Frahm