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Podcast: The legacy of Daft Punk

Podcast: The legacy of Daft Punk

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On the week, when it emerged that Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter would no longer make music together as Daft Punk after 28 years, we look at the French dance’s duo influence on the world of music, our own music tastes and discovery, go through their discography and talk about the outsiders on the inside whose true musical story was the stuff of a larger-than-life music biopic.

We talked about Daft Punk way longer than we originally intended so we’re putting everything else from the episode – including a chat with Cian O’Ciobhan about Andrew Weatherall and our new music chat into a Patreon-only episode dropping in the coming days aka once I edit it.

It’s the Nialler9 Podcast with Niall and Andrea.

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