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Podcast: My Bloody Valentine – Loveless: A classic album revisited

Podcast: My Bloody Valentine – Loveless: A classic album revisited

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With the news that My Bloody Valentine are re-releasing their catalogue through Domino and that their music is finally on streaming services, Niall Byrne and Andrea Cleary revisit the Irish/English shoegaze band’s classic 1991 record Loveless.

On this podcast hour, you’ll hear all the album’s expensive gestation that took in countless engineers and many studios, the thousand of pounds that Creation Records boss Alan McGee sunk into for the recording without hearing a note, how Kevin Shields’ perfectionism lead him to both his Glide Guitar technique and a near mental breakdown, why the album was recorded in mono, why the vocals sound like that, and the reaction to the album at the time. Plus, are MBV really that loud live?

It’s the Nialler9 Podcast, episode 129 with Niall and Andrea.

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