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Policy – Postscript EP

Policy – Postscript EP


100% Silk pitches itself as a label of “diamond-life dance, bliss-disco and basement luxury grooves.” Essentially an off-shoot of Not Not Fun, Amanda and Britt Brown have released records from the weird and wonderful side of dance and electronic music. Lo-fi, otherworldly and underground are suitable characteristics from a label that has released records from Maria Minerva, Coyote Clean Up, Ital and Fort Romeau.

The Postscript EP, by Francis Hsueh AKA Policy is a fine fit then for the output of the label. Rooted in disco and house grooves, the six tracks from this Manhattan filmmaker turned musician are funky, deep and a bit jazzy all in one. It’s at it’s best when it hones in on vintage and visual details.

The standouts: ‘Wiseblood’ harks back to ’70s funk and pairs a warm bassline with shimmering phone-line synths, ‘Remembrance’ is nostalgic lounge-tinged house music and ‘Grove Street Freeze’ is stuck in a moment on a glittering dancefloor breakdown. ‘Postscript 187’ impresses with brass samples and Machinedrum-esque percussion while ‘Ghost In The Groove’ is a boogie.

The Postscript EP is evocative, breezed and elegant: a soundtrack to NYC nightlife and a worthy addition to the oddball disco discography of 100% Silk.