, Premiere: ELKIN are giving a romantic interest the tough love treatment on new single ‘Green Eyes’

Dublin-based duo ELKIN are premiering their new single and video on the site today.

‘Green Eyes’ is the first we’ve heard from the duo this year, a very strong offering. The track, a collaboration with producer Daniel McIntyre, is a sweet-sad pop banger infused with plenty of soul.

Despite its nigh on gloomy subject matter, detailing the frustration of dealing with a romantic partner more interested in the party life than anything else, the instrumental packs a summer vibe. The bass, rolling on top of a syncopated beat, is a real highlight. It gives the rest of the track a dancefloor appeal almost in opposition to its lyrics.

Speaking of which, the lyrics on ‘Green Eyes’ are very well written. Relying on a few metaphors for drug use and party life during the verses, the chorus comes in hard and direct with “Wipe that off your tongue/ Blow your nose/ and call your mother”. Good pop music is in the chorus and ‘Green Eyes’ is an excellent example.

Here’s what the group had to say about the track – “When the world around your other half is taken up by never ending nights out and promises of next time – your eyes turn green and you wish you could give him the same high as a 25 bag”.

The video, seemingly a commentary on the things we distract ourselves with, is full of personality and colour. It was produced and directed by James Clarke.

Listen to the band’s 2018 EP Bad Habits